6.45ct Gem Solid Black Opal – A Beautiful Gemstone!

$10,900.00 $10,500.00

Opal Type:                                                  Shape:

Solid Black Opal                                           Oval

Origin:                                                         Colour:

Lightning Ridge, Australia                           Red

Opal Weight (cts):                                     Body Tone:

6.45                                                         N/2

Dimensions:                                              Brightness

18 × 11 × 5 mm                                         5/5


This quality gem opal has been beautifully hand  carved. It is a big 3.17 carats & is something to be seen!


Brilliant Gem Red Opal Gemstone! This piece is an Opal Miners Dream!

Blood Red Opal!

6.45  carat – beautifully crafted and carved

Lightning Ridge Solid black Opals


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