19.3 ct Brilliant Large Red Multi-Colour Solid Black Opal

$17,900.00 $17,000.00

Opal Type:                                                  Shape:

Solid Black Opal                                          Trianglular

Origin:                                                          Colour:

Lightning Ridge, Australia                           Red multi coloured

Opal Weight (cts):                                     Body Tone:

19.3                                                             N/2

Dimensions:                                              Brightness

24 × 16 × 8.5 mm                                        5/5


This is a brilliant gemstone that any collector of Opal would look for! This piece features red multi-coloured flashes & it is a large triangle shape with a thickness of 8.5 mm! Perfect!


This a Gemstone for collectors

Red Opal – Multi-Coloured Gemstone!

19.3 carat – beautifully crafted and carved

Lightning Ridge Solid black Opals


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